The Bless India is a spiritual and social initiative by the Lokaa foundation. It is our collective responsibility as one heart and one being, to the pandemic that has been attacking and ravaging the underprivileged sections of India.

They are struggling to make ends meet during this crisis. And simply don’t and can’t afford masks and other simple protective measures that can prevent them from contacting COVID.

And when one member of a family suffering from a weak and debilitating economic background contacts COVID, they continue to live with their family without wearing any protective gear. And whole families and communities contact COVID. And what we see is death.

We can avoid these deaths. We can save lives.
Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji after a lot of conversations with researchers have decided that all that we need to save these lives and prevent the spread- is a lifesaver kit that costs only $10 or Rs 750 per head.

We want to offer this life-saving kit of essential vitamins, anti-viral masks, face shields, and steam vaporizers for people who are diagnosed as being CovId positive in all the 1000 villages around Ekam. Bless India is to help save 100,000 lives in the 1000 villages. The population of these villages is around 5 million.

With all our combined efforts we will reach out these life-saving kits to at least a hundred thousand COVID infected people in India.
Contributing to the 100,000 Life Saving Kits is not only saving 100,000 lives but saving 100,000 families and little communities in these villages.

Love and care from across the world have been pouring in as funds for this cause.

We look forward to everyone out there engaging in this life-saving mission.
You may contribute for 1 kit, 10 kits, 100 kits, a 1000 kits. You may also donate large amounts for this life-saving mission.

If you choose to donate please click the link in below.

All donations will go directly to Lokaa Charitable Foundation to purchase covid safety bags.

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