Welcome to One Humanity Care

ONE HUMANITY CARE is a Charitable Foundation created by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, The Co – founders of Ekam with the Blessings of Sri AMMA Bhagavan to serve the needy in Rural India.

OHC cares for the needs of over 1000 villages around Ekam

Immediate Causes

Houses for Villages
Providing Shelters for the Homeless Residents
Education for Children's
Providing Education through 100+ Centres in around O&O Academy
Providing Nutrition for Children
Providing Eggs for the Children’s weekly twice

About One Humanity Care

What We Do

OHC has taken up several activities for the welfare of these villages like afforestation, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, regular medical camps, better sanitation, educating children and creating job opportunities.

How It Works

OHC has 7 Member Crew for Health and 6 Member Crew to take care of Wealth of each village. As a part of this Grand Vision, OHC has selected a few villages that have Transformed Enormously into symbols of Health and Happiness to the Dedicated efforts of OHC as ‘Model Villages’.

OHC has 7 Member Crew for Health and 6 Member Crew to take care of Wealth of each village. Working Staff over 16+, 33 Panchayat Co-ordinator and 9 Mandal Incharge for village Development. For the Educational Department, OHC has over 14+ Educational Staff with totally 85 Coaching Institute. OHC has 35 Volunteers in each Panchayat totally 875 Volunteers, more Volunteers Joining us.

Years of Experience

OHC is Marching on with more Welfare Schemes and Developmental Projects. Let us all join hands and bring happiness, wellbeing to every Village in this Region. Let us be a part of this Extra Ordinary Vision and Mission.

Our Impact from 2005


Smart Villages

Providing Clean Drinking water, Done Roads, Uninterrupted Electricity, Planting Trees.

Nutritions Food provided to Children Per Year

Taking care of Children's with Healthy Foods


Across 35 Panchayats

Medical Camps

32,000 beneficiary people


Here at OHC, we refer to our donors as “partners” because giving to OHC is about more than a financial contribution. Our partners play an integral part in the organization, and we value the expertise and perspective that they bring to the table.

We go to great lengths to maintain transparency with our partners, sharing detailed reporting on our portfolio, leadership, and innovation work, and connect individually with partners throughout the year who are interested in diving deeper into our work.

OHC Vision

OHC’s Social Vision

Creating Respect for Women and Dissolving Divisions on the Basis of Caste and Religion.

OHC’s Cultural Vision

To revive the Rural Dance and Music Forms of the Area to Bring together Families and to Build Interaction within the Village Community.

OHC’s Spiritual Vision

To Educate the Villagers in the art of Medication and Loving relationships.

OHC’s Environmental Vision

To Educate Children and the Youth of these Villages on Protecting Local Forests and their Eco-System.

OHC’s Sports Vision

To Revive Age old Indian Sports and to increase Vitality and Vigour among the youth of these Villages.

OHC Activities